X-ray Inspection Technology

Customer Profile

A world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of weighing, inspection and packing line solutions.


Client I were seeking to drive up sales of their new x-ray inspection technology solutions in the UK and Eire.

As well as creating awareness and generating demand, they needed to acquire a better understanding of the market.

They wished to learn who, in each target organisation, would be involved in purchase decisions of this nature, as well as their requirements. In addition, it would be vital to capture information around any triggers for purchase, current providers and possible barriers to sale.


Fast Track Solutions developed a strategic approach to engage cross-functional teams involved in decision making. Targets included not only senior Operational and Commercial directors, but also specifiers and users with roles in Technology, Quality Assurance and Compliance. 

In tandem with internet and telephone research to identify suitable suspects, a mix of personalised telephone prospecting and email marketing was used to reach and engage potential prospects in a conversation.

Each company was carefully evaluated to make sure that it met Client I’s qualification criteria, and decision makers engaged were further qualified, ensuring they had sufficient influence over purchase to justify a sales visit.

Those who qualified were nurtured until they became sales ready, at which point sales appointments were arranged.


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