Why Fast Track Solutions?

How we help you find and win new business more profitably

Why Choose Fast Track Solutions?

To help you decide if we are right for your business, we’ve listed some of our strong points below:

It’s the way we communicate which really makes the difference. We work closely with you to understand the issues your customers face so our every conversation, email or other communication is relevant. More importantly, we have developed a uniquely time-conscious methodology designed specifically for overstretched decision-makers.

This differentiates our approach and your brand, increasing engagement and building trust in your organisation before your sales experts even cross the threshold.

This adds up to the best of sales results for the lowest possible cost. We expect clients, once the sales cycle is complete, to achieve revenues worth 20-50 times the cost of their investment with us.

Some clients have reported that our strategic approach has helped them secure new accounts which are significantly more profitable than their traditional customer base.

You know already that doing this activity yourselves can prove a false economy. You may have tried running your own lead generation team, only to find there’s a performance gap when it comes to starting from scratch in a new market or to managing complex relationships over a long sales-cycle.

Dedicating specialist third party resources to the hunt for new business will free up your business development specialists to do what they are best at – closing deals.

In any event, selling into today’s super-busy corporate buying teams is a very specialist task. We know what it takes to get them to notice and investigate your offer.

Our outsource programmes leverage the power of focus and continuity, remote from the distractions of bids and business as usual. They speed up your time to market so you can fully exploit the window of opportunity.

As far as we know, we’re the only agency of our kind. Our speciality is supporting solutions providers to sell high-value propositions into premium markets.​

Where most other agencies handover leads or prospects as soon as they can, we have found that it pays to keep a watching brief over the full sales cycle. When your team is called out to support a bid, or the process hits a road-block, the relationship we have nurtured so carefully before passing over to you comes into its own we step in to pick up where you leave off.

This extra caretaking reduces “lead-bleed” and maximises your sales win-rate. Even after we hand over a prospect to you, we track and report on progress to be in a position to help when you need it.

We offer flexible and performance-linked commercial options to suit your business model. Whilst we don’t operate a pay-per-appointment model, and our team are all salaried, we are not afraid to commit to performance. ​

We value integrity, respect and responsibility, and this reflects in all we do.

It translates, for instance, into visibility for you of our process, practices and progress.

It also means we treat your prospective customers with respect, valuing their time and understanding their priorities, whilst keeping your business requirements front of mind.

We like to “seek first to understand, and then to be understood.”

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