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We mean hunting and farming. Or panning for gold! It’s about finding and developing new sales opportunities with the goal of converting them into paying customers.

We use the same tools as the best sales professionals – the telephone, email, the internet and of course LinkedIn. We’d like to think we do each as well as the best, and that our approach is what makes you more successful than you’d be without us.

We call as if from your company, typically as part of your marketing or pre-sales team.

We don’t need to be experts in the technical aspects of your solution-it’s more about knowing what’s in it for the prospect to choose you, or to put it another way, about knowing what value you can bring to each of them.

It’s our job to entice them to the table – yours to sell. There’s more time for technical matters later in the process, when these things are also more appropriately handled.

The Fast Track team have over 100 years of combined expertise in selling and marketing business propositions of all sorts.

We also understand the perspective of today’s super-busy corporate decision makers and what it takes to get them to notice and investigate your offer.  

The two together mean great sales results for the lowest possible cost of marketing. We expect clients to achieve returns of 20-50 times their investment with us – that’s a cost of marketing of 2-5%.

Yes. And we know this is a key dependency. Garbage in, garbage out. But we’re not a data house. So whilst we’ll gladly use any data you have to share with us, we also like to work from your customer profile or target market information to scope out your data requirement, then shop for it on your behalf among our trusted stable of suppliers. 

At the beginning of a programme we’ll ask to have a “Do Not Contact” list from you, this can include any customers, current leads, lapsed customers – essentially anyone you have an ongoing relationship with. We will mark these in our database as “DNC” and periodically request updates from you should there be anyone we should add.

Our fees vary depending on how much effort is required to achieve your goals, and we’ll need a conversation to answer this satisfactorily.

Clients typically spend between £4k to £6k per month, achieving a return 20-50 times their investment with us.

Since every proposition and every target market is different, this is hard to predict. However, if you are serious about understanding what we’d hope to deliver, give us a call.

With some basic details from you, and reference to our own case history, we’ll have a go at forecasting what’s possible.

Yes. We offer flexible terms to suit the project and client, with performance-linked and gain-share options available as well as retainer and flat-fee options.

Yes. We offer pilot programmes, typically over six months, to help you see what’s achievable, ensure you like how we work, and evaluate the business case for further investment.

It’s slow moving to start. Whilst you’ll see plenty of evidence of our activity, you should expect it to take 6-8 weeks before you get any tangible results.

In a nutshell, no. As a provider of sales and marketing services Fast Track Solutions has a legitimate purpose in processing data relating to commercial decision-making in UK organisations, both private and public sector.

For further detail on our approach to compliance with GDPR visit our Privacy Policy.

Confirmation of order! And, more seriously, a few hours with you to ensure we can elicit and capture the vital facts we need to design the prototype approach to drive your growth.

You’ll need to attend a half day kick-off workshop, and a couple of further hours to prepare and exchange material with us before we set off to market.


Sales Prospecting

If you’re looking to build a high quality sales pipeline, our specialist team help you figure out the best way to do it, and make it happen.


Lead Generation

Find and engage decision-makers to generate new interest and build a qualified lead pipeline.

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Appointment Setting

For 25 years+ we’ve delivered B2B lead generation using tried-and-tested B2B appointment setting services.


Account-Based Marketing

Precision targeting with highly personalised messaging to help you expand into your wishlist accounts. 

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