B2B Sales Prospecting Services

Boost your sales pipeline with qualified leads, appointments and opportunities.

Sales prospecting is the umbrella term for a number of activities that identify and contact potential customers. Our permission-led and ROI-focused Sales Prospecting means you get the most value out of Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, and Account-Based Marketing activity.

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient way to generate quality leads for your B2B solution? Our lead generation service is designed to provide you with a consistent flow of new business opportunities, qualified to your specification.

Through a strategic blend of market research, targeted outreach, and compelling messaging, we identify and connect you with decision-makers who are most likely to convert into new business opportunities.

Leave it to us to provide the additional resource that ensures you are generating new interest and actively following up existing leads, whether you are looking to uncover new leads in your market or better manage your existing pipeline.

Seize Opportunities: Secure Valuable Appointments with Decision-Makers

Securing appointments with key decision-makers is crucial for driving sales and forging valuable partnerships. Our appointment setting services take the burden off your shoulders by connecting you with senior-level executives who are part of the key decision making unit.

We qualify prospects to your bespoke criteria, craft personalised messaging, and engage in proactive communication to secure appointments that make best use of your time. With our expertise and dedication, your sales team can focus on what they do best – closing deals.

What makes our approach different? Rather than just focusing on delivering numbers of appointments and leads, we measure success on ROI. Our number one priority is to help you win new business. Explore our appointment setting service today and witness the transformative power of efficient pipeline development.

Amplify Your Reach with Account-Based Marketing

In a world of mass marketing, personalisation has become the key to success. Our account based marketing services supports you in tailoring your outreach efforts to specific accounts, ensuring maximum relevance and impact. 

By deeply understanding your target audience and their pain points, we engage in customised outbound prospecting that resonates with your prospects on a personal level. Leveraging our expertise and innovative strategies, we help you deliver compelling messages, build trust, and generate quality leads within your target audience.

By focusing only on wish-list clients that matter, your prospecting efforts can become more targeted and personalised. Where you’re looking for a breakthrough entry into specific, targeted key accounts, our account profiling will pay dividends.

Why Fast Track Solutions?

When it comes to sales prospecting, choosing the right partner is paramount to achieving best results. With a proven track record of success, we have honed our expertise in sales prospecting and offer a range of services tailored to solutions providers targeting senior decision makers. Clients have even reported that our approach has helped them secure new accounts which are significantly more profitable than their traditional customer base.

You will receive:

A qualified sales pipeline, with leads and appointments for your sales team

Market intelligence about buyers, trigger events and purchase factors

Live database access, call recordings, regular progress reviews and monthly reports

Increased brand awareness and improved sales effectiveness

Want a stronger sales pipeline full of high quality new business opportunities?

Over the past two decades we have curated a highly experienced and talented team with expertise across a large variety of sectors. 

We help you find, engage, and win more new business opportunities from both new and existing customers, providing you hands-on help to realise your sales goals faster plus sales and marketing expertise to help you improve your strategies and processes.

Sales Prospecting FAQs

Sales prospecting is the process of identifying and engaging potential customers who are likely to be interested in your B2B solution. It involves proactive outreach and research to find qualified leads, initiate conversations, and nurture relationships that can lead to valuable business opportunities. Effective sales prospecting techniques and tools help businesses uncover new prospects and build a robust sales pipeline.

Prospecting services are outbound communications activity provided by agencies like us to assist businesses in their sales and business development efforts. These services typically include lead generation, appointment setting, and account-based marketing via phone and email. They leverage various prospecting tools, techniques, and best practices to identify, attract, and engage potential customers, ultimately driving business growth and revenue generation.

To start sales prospecting, it is essential to define your target audience and ideal customer profile. You’ll then need to develop a compelling value proposition and craft personalised messaging that resonates with your prospects and understands their pain points and needs. You’ll need to set specific goals, both KPIs and a sales revenue target, and implement a structured and consistent and structured prospecting plan.

We use the same tools as the best sales professionals – the telephone, email, the internet and of course LinkedIn. We’d like to think we do each as well as the best, and that our approach is what makes you more successful than you’d be without us.

We don’t need to be experts in the technical aspects of your solution-it’s more about knowing what’s in it for the prospect to choose you, or to put it another way, about knowing what value you can bring to each of them.

It’s our job to entice them to the table – yours to sell. There’s more time for technical matters later in the process, when these things are also more appropriately handled.

Yes. We offer flexible terms to suit the project and client, with performance-linked and gain-share options available as well as retainer and flat-fee options.

To attract prospects, here are some ideas that your sales and marketing teams can focus on:

  • Review your dataset, is it still up to date or will it need refreshing ahead of a campaign? Will you need to purchase a more up to date list?
  • Dedicate time and resource to outbound outreach such as email marketing and phone prospecting
  • Create valuable content such as whitepapers, or case studies that address the pain points and challenges faced by your target audience and showcase your skills.
  • Develop a strong online presence and optimise your website for search engines.
  • Leverage social media platforms to share informative and engaging content, engage with prospects, and establish thought leadership.

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