Appointment Setting

Generate a flow of qualified sales appointments for your team

Respect for your brand

Flexible commercial models

Sales nurturing support

A collaborative focus on winning new business

Rather than just focusing on delivering numbers of appointments and leads, we measure success on ROI. Our number one priority is to help you win new business.

This means our involvement need not stop once an appointment is set up. If you encounter road-blocks after having an initial meeting, help is at hand to talk through strategy or aid you in continuing to nurture the prospect and move the process forward.

Providing you the best-fit opportunities

Our unique methodology has been designed to secure time with busy senior decision makers.

Engaging your prospects in an open conversation, we help secure clear outcomes.

You not only receive appointments qualified to your criteria, we also actively disqualify opportunities which will not be a good fit for you, so your time is spent on the best-fit opportunities.   

To ensure your valuable appointment time is well used, we seek to understand the specifics which make a prospect really promising for you, besides the usual – budget, authority, motivation, timescale, and need.

With this in hand, we’re ready to create relevant communications and to pre-qualify prospects to your bespoke criteria.

Different commercial options to suit your business model

With a little understanding of your current business model, we can offer flexible terms to suit both the project and your current set-up, with performance-linked and gain-share options available as well as retainer and flat-fee options.

We give you

A robust new business pipeline, with leads, opportunities and appointments for your sales team

Increased brand awareness​

Invaluable market intelligence about buyers, trigger events and purchase factors​

Live database access, call recordings, regular progress reviews and monthly reports​

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Appointment Setting FAQs

Yes. And we know this is a key dependency. Garbage in, garbage out. But we’re not a data house. So whilst we’ll gladly use any data you have to share with us, we also like to work from your customer profile or target market information to scope out your data requirement, then shop for it on your behalf among our trusted stable of suppliers. (And before you ask, this typically involves a budget of £300-500, which is included in some of our programmes).

It’s slow moving to start. Whilst you’ll see plenty of evidence of our activity, you should expect it to take 6-8 weeks before you get any tangible results.

You can also trust that by the third month in, we’ll be achieving momentum, and should have reached any agreed monthly targets, if they’re achievable.

The Fast Track team have over 100 years of combined expertise in selling and marketing business propositions of all sorts.

We also understand the perspective of today’s super-busy corporate decision makers and what it takes to get them to notice and investigate your offer.

The two together mean great sales results for the lowest possible cost of marketing. We expect clients to achieve returns of 20-50 times their investment with us – that’s a cost of marketing of 2-5%.

It’s our job to entice them to the table – yours to sell. There’s more time for matters technical later in the process, when these things are also more appropriately handled.

Yes. We offer pilot programmes, typically over six months, to help you see what’s achievable, ensure you like how we work, and evaluate the business case for further investment.

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