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A user experience consultancy that specialises in website testing.


To recruit decision making teams drawn from organisations spending over £100,000 per annum on website development to attend “taster sessions”
on a regular rolling basis.


Fast Track Solutions developed a canvassing process for screening both organisations and qualifying contacts within them. Using the client’s own prospecting database, we then tested the process and refined it, in collaboration with the client, to deliver the best possible results.

One improvement to qualification, for instance, ensured that precious demonstration sessions were offered only to those most likely to purchase as a result of attending.

This involved obtaining confirmation in writing from the sponsoring prospect that all key buying team members would attend in order for the taster sessions to be delivered free of charge. After three years of successful outsourcing and growth, the process was grafted back into the client’s business.


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The Client's View

“Great for lateral thinking and attention to detail.”
Peter Collins
Managing Director

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