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Global leader in the provision of on-demand software-as-a-service solutions, including route-planning solutions and real-time mobile applications for improving delivery operations.


The client had been generating interest in their award-winning delivery operations solution but lack of sales time had created a gap in pursuit.

A new skilled sales executive had been recruited and Fast Track Solutions were tasked both to raise market awareness and to create a pipeline of high value sales opportunities—each worth over £250K – in the FMCG market.


Fast Track Solutions developed a canvassing process which used desk research, telephone and email marketing to both screen organisations in or out and to qualify contacts suspected of having a role in purchase.

Decision makers and influencers were spread across several functions including senior marketing, operations, logistics and IT, each with different agendas.  To create motivation, a tailored, issue-led approach was devised according to functional role type.

Where companies and contacts met the agreed criteria, appointments were sought for the customer’s sales team.

Initially major online retailers with their own delivery fleet were the key target segment, with mixed fleet retailers, food manufacturers and logistics companies added in later.

Opportunity value and progress was tracked and feedback was given to improve prospect quality and refine the process.


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The Client's View

“It’s not about volume, it’s about quality. The quality of briefing is superb, with lots of detail. We’re getting real value and getting onto the radar of accounts who’d never have heard of us otherwise”
Director of Marketing & Sales Operations UK

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