Parkare Group Parking Management

Customer Profile

A leading manufacturer of parking automation, revenue control systems and pay and display machines.


To find and secure new opportunities in sectors where the Parkare brand was almost completely unknown, screening each for potential revenue value and disqualifying those driven by enforcement, rather than revenue optimisation.

Our goal was to develop relationships with buyers as early as possible in their purchase cycle in order to lock out competition and help the client to enjoy higher win-rates.

Parkare were also keen to develop a more structured and pro-active approach to their marketing and relationship management, and to build brand awareness whilst protecting their image as a solutions provider of quality.


Partnership working with the Parkare’s team to define the value proposition in a way powerful enough to persuade strategic decision makers to share their time and problems.

Careful research and intelligence capture allowed the sales specialists to attend each meeting well equipped to develop each prospect, and pro-active, personalised email narrowcasts were blended with phone contact to establish the brand and convey the value proposition.


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The Client's View

“The relationship we’ve had with everyone has been outstanding. I have worked with other prospecting companies and the difference is the analytical aspect of your work and the high level of professionalism.”
Peter Sands
Managing Director

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