4 Reasons Why Sales Appointment Setting Services Are Worth It

If your objective is to win more new business, you’ve come to the right place! With appointment setting, many companies get distracted with the quantity of leads or meetings but it is particularly important to measure success on ROI, keeping your sales revenue goal front and centre.

Here’s why appointment-setting services are worth it:

Save time and money

By opting for external expertise, you eliminate the need to hire and train a dedicated appointment setter, avoiding associated recruitment costs and time-consuming onboarding processes.

Using an appointment-setting service also means that you don’t need to take people away from their existing roles. This can save your business ample time and money, and allows everyone to focus on their core responsibilities.

Refresh your data

It is critical to keep your dataset up to date. Your sales prospecting process should ensure that decision-maker contacts and details from calls are captured and maintained to help inform future business strategy. For example, details such as which company they are currently using, when they plan to next review their incumbent, who is part of the decision-making team, and so on.

Much data in company datasets is out of date – this can waste time and energy during prospecting. By using sales appointment setting services, your database will be kept up to date alongside the generation of additional new contacts.

Qualify opportunities for you

Skilled appointment setters will qualify the sales opportunity they come across, so it’s all done for you! They will find out if the contact is a decision-maker, or if they need to get in touch with someone else at the company, and collect key qualification information such as if the contact genuinely needs the solution you are providing, if the company has the budget or motivation to make a purchase, and what the overall time scale might be for the decision-making and purchase process.

When your salesperson takes the sales appointment, they can use all of these details to make the best use of time during the meeting and be assured that qualification criteria have been met.

Keep your team on track

Hiring an external appointment-setting service means that Marketing can spend time marketing and Business Development can spend time converting new business – people don’t need to be taken away from their existing responsibilities to work on presales and create appointments. By using appointment setting services, sales teams can also be given regular meetings to keep them on target, working together to contribute to overall business goals.

Poor lead management results in lost revenue, but learning the best practices around appointment setting or entrusting an expert to help will ensure your pipeline is full and sales opportunities aren’t wasted.

The Fast Track Solutions team has over 100 years of combined expertise in selling and marketing business propositions of all sorts. We also understand the perspective of today’s super-busy corporate decision-makers and what it takes to get them to notice and investigate your offer. It’s our job to entice them to the table – yours to sell.

Get in touch to chat about how you can make an appointment-setting service work for you.

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