Why Sales Appointment Setting Services Are Worth It

Lead generation is key to adding new sales opportunities to your pipeline, but it’s Appointment Setting that gets you and your team in front of potential new customers.

But how can sales prospecting and appointment setting services impact your company?

Throughout our work our number one goal is to help people win more new business. Many salespeople get distracted with Key Performance Indicators such as quantity of leads or appointments they’re generating, but with all of our appointment setting activity we find it is particularly important to prioritise quality over quantity and measure success on ROI.

Here’s why we think appointment setting services are a good fit for many companies!

Save time and money

Using an appointment setting service means that you don’t need to employ a dedicated appointment setter, or take people away from their existing roles. This can save your business ample time and money!

Working with a third party provider saves you time/money on training your existing team members and often saves money compared to the cost of recruiting and employing a new team member
Companies benefit from highly trained specialists in pre-sales/appointment setting, who can best utilise time to be more effective in delivering quality outcomes.

Gain refreshed data

It is critical to keep your dataset up to date so that time spent engaging your contacts is spent reaching out to the correct people in the correct target organisations.

As part of our programmes we review with you your options for data, it may be that you require new data purchased from one of our trusted suppliers.
Whether we use your data or a new purchased list, Fast Track Solutions’s prospecting work ensures that decision-maker contacts and market intelligence from calls are captured and maintained to help inform future business strategy.

We find that for many businesses we speak with their data is out of date – which can waste time and slow progress to good outcomes from prospecting. By using sales appointment setting services, your database will be kept up to date with market intelligence gathered from calls alongside research activity to add new contacts.

Qualify opportunities for you

Our permission-based introduction has been designed to secure time with busy senior decision makers. Building a relationship with the prospect during those first conversations, our team will qualify sales opportunities to your bespoke criteria.
Always putting the prospect’s needs and priorities first, and exploring their goals and challenges will help us to understand if this is a good fit sales opportunity for your business.

When your salesperson takes the sales appointment, they can use all details gathered during conversations with the prospect to make the best use of time during the meeting, promptly addressing any barriers to sale, and moving the prospect through the sales process with ease.

Keep your team in front of potential customers

Hiring an external appointment setting service means that Marketing can focus time on marketing and Business Development can spend time focusing on key accounts – people don’t need to be taken away from their existing responsibilities to create appointments.

With this service, your internal team is then free to focus their time on managing client accounts and keeping customers satisfied, while also being able to prioritise time-consuming activities such as sales opportunities that are further down the sales process and require more effort – like those at the critical tender/bidding stage.

By using appointment setting services, sales teams can also be provided with a flow of sales appointments to keep them in front of your wish list prospects and on target to meet overall business sales goals.

Poor lead management results in lost sales appointments and reduced revenue, but using an expert sales appointment setting services team will ensure your pipeline is full and qualified leads aren’t wasted.

The Fast Track Solutions team has over 100 years of combined expertise in selling and marketing business propositions of all sorts. We also understand the perspective of today’s busy corporate decision makers and what it takes to get them to notice and investigate your offer. It’s our job to entice them to the table – yours to sell. Get in touch to chat about how you can make an appointment setting service work for you.

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