8 Proven Ways to Effectively Train Your Sales Team

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“79% of sales leaders say a leading driver of hitting new targets is improving the productivity of existing sales people.”


One of the best ways to ensure you have a high performing sales team is by implementing a regular and considered training strategy. There are multiple ways in which you can do this, and some people may benefit from one structure over another. However, there are some tried and tested ways we would suggest you start with.

Below you will find our 8 best sales training techniques to ensure your sales team training is effective and enjoyable:

1. Get personal with your sales team training

Firstly, it’s important to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your whole team, along with any gaps in their knowledge. Your team will continually evolve as they progress through training, so it’s useful to review this as you go along.

Once you know specific strengths and areas where improvement is needed, one-on-one training scenarios can be helpful – particularly in reducing the fear factor associated with doing mock scenarios in front of peers. Private feedback will also establish open communication lines, and encourage a coaching relationship rather than that of authority.

2. Shadow for skills

When new hires come onboard, it’s important to know they are able to articulate the value of your company and its products or services. New hires can undertake a shadowing process where they pair with a skilled salesperson and undergo training, mock demos, and shadowing calls.

3. Listen and learn

Having new hires listen in to call recordings and attend client meetings where possible is invaluable in progressing their learning. It will help to provide them with the time they require to build up their confidence and knowledge base.

4. Simplify and customise your training

Sales training should be both simple and practical, so your team can easily assimilate and understand new information. It should also be customised and applicable to real-life examples to ensure it is relevant and repeatable when your new team member finishes their training.

5. Know client pain points

A successful sales process starts with an effective diagnosis of the client’s potential pain points, which involves listening and asking the right questions to get to the root of any problems. Help your team learn how to identify and understand pain points by reviewing your sales playbook to make sure they understand the best process to do so.

6. Review wins as well as lost opportunities

While it’s great to focus on the successes, it is also important to look at why some opportunities might have been lost. An important review technique is listening to recorded sales calls with the view of not just understanding what went well – but to also examine what could be improved in the future.

7. Stay consistent

Frequency and consistent training is key to effectively training your sales team. Schedule a regular meeting to share success stories, review the sales pipeline, and highlight any new developments.

8. Remember your sales team are individuals

Not everyone learns the same way. Some of your team may be more visual, while others prefer theory or shadowing. Self-directed training can be very effective when employees prefer to be more autonomous in their learning. You can use a variety of training styles to accommodate the individuals in your team.

Creating a team culture where learning and continual improvement is encouraged and celebrated will go a long way in developing a successful sales team. Learning never stops, but with these tips you can ensure your sales team is prepared and motivated to do their best work.

If you have any questions on sales team training and what it takes to build an effective strategy for your team, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s talk!

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