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Fine-tune your sales capability

And boost sales RoI

A significant number of FTSE and Fortune 500 companies use professional coaches to enhance the performance of their people, knowing that no other productivity investment comes close.

When the sales cycle is long and complex, practice opportunities are limited, so coaching offers an invaluable opportunity for learning to take place as the need arises.

Sales specialists at all levels benefit from regular coaching which:

  • Addresses individual skill gaps, enabling small changes with big sales impact
  • Reinforces sales training so learning translates into practice
  • Helps experienced people find new and better ways to overcome sales hurdles
  • Drives up job satisfaction, motivation and loyalty
  • Acts as a catalyst, generating ideas, impetus and perspective

Why Fast Track Solutions?

  • Your business objectives set the direction of travel, putting you in control
  • Each client coached defines their own goals, creating greater buy-in
  • Thoughtful questioning (not telling) secures more “light-bulb” moments, delivering faster, better results
  • Enjoyable, stimulating sessions, which send a positive message to your valuable team
  • Your combined success is our sole agenda

Sales coaching – the experience

Whatever your goals around developing your sales capability, change means a step outside the comfort zone. Sales coaching is a great way to foster positivity, make breakthroughs and raise your sales game.


Our coaches serve as expert sounding boards:

  • Helping participants set their own goals and own their plan for change
  • Using techniques to help embed helpful habits and broaden options
  • Addressing the beliefs, fears and habits which get in the way of success
  • Inspiring for change
  • Following through to encourage, reinforce and challenge

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