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Are You Covering all the Bases in Your Customer Contact Strategy?

Your company is a living organism with resources that ebb and flow and priorities which are continually changing. As a result, 80% of your resources are probably focussed on dealing with 20% of your customers. Hopefully the most valuable ones?

Because the most valuable and the most demanding of your customers get most of your attention, your other customers, often considerable in number and value, may be getting neglected. They may not be aware of your latest service innovations or product offerings. They may not be getting the regular touches which show that your organisation cares for their custom, and you may be missing out on opportunities to cross-sell. Worse still, they may feel neglected and be about to find another supplier. Your contact strategy determines the impression they get over their life-cycle and the level of retention or churn you enjoy.

Unless you’ve been focussed for some time on preventing data decay, your customer and prospecting databases may be very out of date, or even obsolete. Getting the most out of it requires constant attention and upkeep; but how many of us consistently make the time available or even have the inclination to attend to this priority?

Priority is given to managing your organisation’s relationships with its key accounts and other friendlies- those familiar, easy going customers with whom your people are sure of a good reception when they drop in or ‘phone. This is natural, But it can mean that your other contacts are not being covered.

This inattention will have serious consequences. A malformed email address or inaccurate postal address means that your marketing misses its mark. Failure to know that a wedding has changed a name might mean you fail to impress or even cause offence to next year’s biggest spender.  Doesn’t it make you wonder how much your current contact strategy might be costing your business?

Fast Track Solutions’ relationship management service helps you to maintain and develop relationships with your customers and access more prospects. Firstly, we collaborate with you to design an effective customer contact programme. Then we implement, using our experienced team to complement your in-house resources. Finally, we own and manage your contact database with care, cleaning and enhancing it to maximise its utility and value to your business.

The costs of outsourcing will be swiftly outweighed by the benefits. You’ll be sure that your sales and marketing programmes are more effective, your communications more timely, and in both cases, that you’re reaching the relevant people so that your name is in the frame each time a purchase decision is made. We can help you to:

  • Stand out from your rivals as a best of breed service provider
  • Get a return on your investment in your CRM system, at last!
  • Build a knowledge base to secure your future success

Regular pro-active dialogue with the key decision makers, whether with your customers or prospects, can help you win business before your competitors hear about it. Our expert outbound team integrate seamlessly with your own resources, presenting your brand professionally and providing a two-way channel between your customers and your internal experts.


If you would like to speak to us to see how we could help you, please call us on 03333 447 214 or contact us.