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A London Council providing care and services to their local community.


The Council recently implemented a new contact centre and needed to establish an initial set of base data for the Council to benchmark the contact centre’s performance and measure changes within over time. It was imperative for the Council to determine customer service levels, adherence to operator call standards and response times.


Fast Track Solutions designed a response template and adapted 20 different mystery caller scenarios. Call recording was implemented to ensure the Council had complete visibility of all conversations. Samples were taken across a variety of services (including waste disposal, street scene, mobility and parks) over a period of four weeks. Six measures were taken in each including the greeting, call length and how well the enquiry was handled.


  • Priority areas for improvement were identified giving the council confidence that their plan would drive an increase in satisfaction
  • Initial benchmarks were established for future reference
  • MP3 recordings of each call were produced to assist the Council in training and developing operator skills.

Client’s View

“Fast Track Solutions were really good to deal with from the initial contact. They were prompt in following up and responding to the brief and willing to adjust. We’re really happy with the way the results were presented and plan to repeat the exercise.”
Contact Centre Manager, on our Mystery Shopping project