UK’s First Internet Provider

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Customer Profile

The first to trial broadband in the UK. Since then they have provisioned thousands of circuits and offer a portfolio of highly reliable, feature-rich services for business customers across the country.


To inform the process of service improvement relating to the technical helpdesk in order to prevent the loss of demanding business customers. Ineffective call handling was resulting in repeat calls and dissatisfaction, which in turn was causing customer churn. Hard data was giving few clues as to root causes or the priorities for change.


A rolling monthly poll of recent helpdesk users to establish and monitor benchmark ratings and to draw out and quantify the factors in satisfaction or dissatisfaction. A portion of questions were adapted at intervals to check the effectiveness of improvement actions taken. In addition, a programme of telephone “mystery shopping” was initiated to monitor the quality of call handling in specific problem areas.


  • Return on investment was estimated at 250% at the end of year 1
  • 47 dissatisfied business users were identified and through timely intervention, their business was retained
  • 18 new business opportunities were identified which delivered the financial return quoted on the combined programmes.

Client’s View

“Fast Track Solutions’ common sense approach to customer surveys gave us new insight into the reasons behind customer behaviour. Best of all, the programme paid for itself.”
Customer Services Director, on our Market Research project