Case Studies

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Below you will find a few case studies to help you get a feel for some of the businesses we’ve worked for and the projects we’ve done. We are of course happy to discuss any of the information here in more detail so please do contact us or give us a call on 03333 447 214.

Storage, Archiving & Logistics

Account profiling and appointment generation for a storage solutions provider.

Capital Equipment Manufacturer

Finding opportunities for a new high value product in the food and beverage sector.

Networking Solutions Manufacturer

Creating awareness and finding new opportunities in the rail sector.

Software As A Service

Helping a delivery operations software provider create a pipeline of high value opportunities.

Digital Communications provider

Taking a newly established brand offering leading edge technology solutions into the health sectors.

Worldwide Supply Chain Management

Helping them to expand in the retail, automotive, manufacturing and industrial sectors by appointing potential buyers.

Bespoke Workplace Equipment Manufacturer

Providing a different strategy to reach new markets in the NHS and Private health sectors.

Laboratory Testing Services

Providing a more cost effective way to generate qualified sales appointments, in the Corporate and SME sectors.

Building Service Provider

Finding new opportunities in banking, retail and leisure sectors and developing relationships at the start of the construction project life cycle.

Supply Chain Consultancy

Arranging and qualifying sales meetings in the food, drink, pharmaceutical and electronic markets.

Parking Management Solutions Manufacturer

Finding and securing new opportunities in multi-site car park operators in retail, transport, NHS and Local Government sectors.

Global Network Infrastructure Provider

Helping them expand their market penetration into second tier end-user organisations in Fortune 2000, public sector and data centre providers.

Thumb_London Council

London Borough Council

Helping to establish an initial set of base data to enable them to benchmark a new contact centre and measure changes over time.

Thumb_First Internet Provider

UK’s First Internet Provider

Informing the process of service improvement relating to the technical help-desk to prevent the loss of demanding Corporate and SME customers.

Thumb_Not For Profit

Not For Profit Organisation

Helping them to expand their sight of end-user requirements in the International, public and private sectors.

Leading Machinery Safety Brand

Helping create and implement a strategy to get value from a high-cost resource and promote a new service into manufacturing, engineering and packaging markets.