New Business Development

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Fast Track Solutions specialises in helping organisations that sell high-value solutions or capital goods. Typically their sales involve a complex sales process and a long sales cycle. Our unique approach helps you to accelerate and simplify the process, win more business and get a better return on your marketing spend.

We track down the right people to target and provide the intelligence to approach them at the right time and in the right way.  We aim to find sales opportunities for you before your buyers start looking for providers. This keeps you ahead of the game and gives you a chance to get to know the buying team before the tender is even written.

All of which helps you build a predictable sales pipeline and improve both your win-rate and your return on marketing spend. With our prospecting programmes you benefit from more than just the low-hanging fruit. Our new business development offering is more than a little different, but provides all the usual services and outputs you may be looking for.

Whether you want to contact new prospects, revive business with lapsed customers, or develop key accounts, our structured, professional lead generation service can fuel your sales growth. And if your sales people dislike, avoid or are less skilled at cold calling or lead generation; we may be the perfect complement.

You can use us to explore where decision-making power lies and what the purchase process will entail, to identify triggers for purchase and supplier selection. criteria. We’ll make contact with your prospects at intervals agreed with them, building trust in your brand before they come into market. After careful exploration and nurturing, when the prospect is ready, your sales people take the next steps relevant to your sales process, knowing that leads from us are not just well qualified, but also pre-disposed to look favourably on your organisation for a solution.

If you’re looking to break into major brands, or secure C-level introductions, Fast Track Solutions have the experience and knowledge to help. (Sorry about the jargon.  ‘C-level’ means Chief-level. Like CEO, or COO.) We go one further too, and can pinpoint Group or Divisional or Regional Chiefs, if that’s where you need to go to win business.

Over time companies change, staff come and go, and businesses change hands. Your success depends on having accurate data on prospects and customers alike. We can help you to acquire fresh data, carefully matched to your needs, to clean up what you already have, or to add to it so that your marketing campaigns are appropriately targeted and return the best possible results. 

Where you’re looking for a break-through entry into a specific, targeted key account, our account profiling, offered as part of a prospecting programme, will pay dividends. We’ve had success getting clients into the most apparently impenetrable accounts, among them pharmaceutical giants, high-security organisations and government departments!

A good picture of who’s who will help you to formulate the best sales strategy for each. You may already have established relationships in your target organisation, but with people in the wrong function or at the wrong level, and may be concerned that appearing to bypass them could risk those relationships. Our meticulous research of the organisation structure creates new avenues and new possibilities.


Let us put you in the best possible position for success! Contact us or call us on 03333 447 214.

And keep an open mind about our other services. You may find Market Research could really add value to your new business initiative.  This could be by helping you to understand when your target prospect will be seeking a service like yours, who they’re using now and what they will be hoping to see from you, for example.

“Fast Track offers the next level up from typical telemarketers. They offer intelligent and capability, connect with the right people and build relationships.”
Joe Turnbull, Managing Director, WBS Group