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If you sell solutions today you face a tough challenge. As anyone selling knowledge, (whether it’s consultancy, technical expertise, professional advice) knows, the market is highly competitive and pretty unforgiving at best. How do you find prospective clients at a time when they are receptive to your offer?

Your proposition has a high-ticket price. You are looking for prospects who typically make this sort of spend decision infrequently: maybe at 2, 5 or 10 year intervals. You’ll be aware that they need to be seen to put only low-risk, high value providers forward for peer scrutiny. Your prospects are intelligent, often impatient and definitely elusive. They’re in great demand in their own business and amongst your competitors. They have little time to spare.

How do you convince prospects like this that you are the answer they need?

This blog is to help you find the answers and strike prospecting gold. I’ll give you valuable tips on how to find new prospects, attract their attention, win their respect and secure their custom. I’ll show you the most effective sales prospecting processes and practices.  Practices we’ve been using successfully for our clients since 1998.You may be an expert in solutions sales and marketing and you definitely know your stuff within your own business. But if your prospecting machinery could do with a tweak then read on.

Over the next few months we’ll cover questions like:

  • How can you identify the best prospects?
  • What kind of line and bait do you need to attract their attention?
  • How do you get past the gatekeeper?
  • How do you know when it’s time to reel them in?
  • How can you stand out from your rivals, right from the start and all the way through?
  • How can you find more new prospects faster?
  • How can you accelerate the process of creating awareness and action on the part of the prospect?
  • Now you’ve hooked a fish, how do you stop the rest of your sales process and sales team losing the catch?
  • What are the right checks and measures along the prospecting process?

(Please excuse the hunting, shooting and fishing analogies!) My aim is to help you secure commitment sooner and pull more profitable business through your sales pipeline faster. I really hope this new blog helps. So do keep an eye out for more articles, and please add your ideas and comments. What works for you? Your wisdom and experience will be of value to others and I’d welcome a good debate.

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