Consultancy & Knowledge


If you are part of a business which deploys experts as an intrinsic part of how you deliver value to your customers, then we can help you build your client base. We’ve helped consultancies of many types to better utilise their strengths and find, win and retain the kinds of clients they always wanted. If you’re not a consultancy exactly, but combine software, expertise and services to benefit your customers, there’s every chance we can help you achieve the sales you know you deserve but simply haven’t clinched yet.

It may simply be a matter of finding out what stands in your way; others in your sector have used our research services to good effect. We’ve worked with organisations in knowledge markets including those listed here:

  • International distribution and logistics
  • Supply chain
  • Software
  • Knowledge management
  • Management consultancy
  • Safety consultancy
  • Human Resources and Training
  • Web usability consultancy
  • IT consultancy

For more detail about the impact of our work on new business growth in this sector please click on one of the links below for a case study.

  • Building brand awareness and a sales pipeline in the food and drink markets for a supply chain consultancy: find out more.
  • Targeting strategically selected marketing teams in top corporates and the government: find out more.
  • Securing business for a new safety consultancy portfolio for a renowned product manufacturer: find out more.