On Guy Fawkes day in 1998, Fast Track Solutions was set up by founder Christine Martin to address a gap in the outsourcing services market for relationship-oriented, intelligent New Business Development and Market Research. Since then, we’ve added Sales Strategy and Coaching and Relationship Management services to deal with other hidden issues which can get in the way of selling.

Originally, Christine’s aim was to help others in business to realise their growth ambitions, to communicate more effectively and to make change happen as well as to provide practical, cost-effective hands-on expertise and action by doing what she loved. Mostly talking! She was also actively seeking to create a fulfilling and balanced working life, and offer the same to others.

A quick look at the traditional contact centre environment, where annual staff attrition levels reached 40% in 2006 (Source: Fast Track research) suggested this wasn’t the way to go. So we’re committed to a strategy which turns the industry model on its head,  prioritising quality over quantity, service over growth, and people over profit.

Perhaps no surprise, then, that we enjoy exceptionally high levels of customer and staff retention. We have a solid track record in the markets we serve and hope to support our clients as they strive to achieve their  sales, marketing and service goals by serving as a regular complement to their in-house resources.

From strategy through to tactical implementation, our core competencies include:

  • Sales and marketing strategy
  • High value sales prospecting
  • Key account mapping
  • Qualitative research
  • Online quantitative research
  • Sales performance coaching
  • Customer relationship management
  • Languages (including French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic)

New Business Development: We train and coach in our own methods and techniques, which are adapted from some of the best we have seen in the marketplace. Among them we would credit Solutions Selling, SPIN Selling, RX Sales and Sandler for their high value selling models, and the Neuro-Linguistic Programming field for its wealth of tools for improving communications effectiveness. Above all, our methods are appropriate and relevant to your audience. Your prospects and customers are very busy people suffering from severe information overload. You need to grab and secure their attention immediately you have contact. By focusing on their agenda, using their language and a highly consultative approach, we help you to do just this.

Market Research: We deliver affordable research using the most cost-effective methods; computer-aided telephone interviews and online surveys to capture both qualitative and quantitative information. Questions are carefully framed and tested to iron out ambiguities and ensure you get the clear answers you need.

We work with you to find out exactly what you need to achieve, and what’s been preventing you from doing it. Then we design a solution tailored to meet your needs.


If you want to find, win and retain more predictable or profitable custom, want to get a great proposition to market, or want to otherwise change the status quo, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.